2012 Uniform Solar Energy Code

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2012 Uniform Solar Energy Code

The use of this document is intended to provide a safe and functional solar energy system with minimum regulations. An American National Standard IAPMO/ANSI USEC 1-2012

Significant changes to the USEC include:

  • New attic installation provisions that address the length of passageway, width of passageway, work platform, lighting and convenience outlet.
  • New safety device provisions for components subjected to high pressures, and vacuum conditions.
  • New freeze protection provisions.
  • Revised heat exchanger requirements.
  • New piping provisions that address piping materials and the identification of piping.
  • New provisions for valves.
  • Revised and updated joint and connection requirements.
  • New requirements for storage tanks that address provisions for relief valves, temperatures, and piping.
  • New provisions for expansion tanks.
  • New provisions for solar collectors.
  • New Chapter 9 that addresses solar thermal systems provisions for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.
  • New electrical provisions for the installation of solar photovoltaic energy systems based on NFPA 70.
  • New Chapter 11 that addresses provisions for pumps used in solar thermal systems.
  • New appendix for installation guidelines in regards to solar photovoltaic systems.(14-121)

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