2017 Stallcup's® Designing Electrical Systems Volume 1

Code: 9780996497022
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2017 Stallcup's® Designing Electrical Systems Volume 1

2017 Stallcup's® Designing Electrical Systems Volume 1

Product Code: 9780996497022
Product ISBN: 9780996497022
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Stallcup's® Designing Electrical Systems Volume 1 based on National Electrical Code (NEC) 2017

Updated for the 2017 NEC®, the industry's most comprehensive guide to electrical design is a "must!" The best electrical design practices change with every edition of the National Electrical Code®. Stallcup's® Designing Electrical Systems book expertly explains these changes and how they apply to the design and installation of electrical wiring systems.

Strategically designed, the large workbook format provides valuable design tips, NEC® loops, examples, quick calculations, and effective illustrations with Code references. Descriptions of common industry problems and "rule of thumb" methods for fast and accurate design practices are provided. Chapter quizzes test user's knowledge and can be used as a valuable license preparation tool. With the abundant amount of detailed information provided, Stallcup's® is the most comprehensive design book of its kind.​​

Table of Contents:
Chapter  1  Electrical Codes and Standards 

Chapter  2  Electrical Safety and First Aid 

Chapter  3  Dress Standards.

Chapter  4  Electrical Systems.

Chapter  5  Working Clearances.

Chapter  6  Services.

Chapter  7  Switchboards and Panelboards.

Chapter  8  Conductors

Chapter  9  Overcurrent Protection Devices.

Chapter  10  Equipment Over 600 Volts.

Chapter  11  Grounding 

Chapter  12  Designing Wiring Methods 

Chapter  13  Installing Wiring Methods.

Publisher: Grayboy, Inc./Builder's Book, Inc./2017/Number of Pages: 377/ISBN No. 9780996497022

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