2020 County Of Los Angeles Electrical Code - Complete Code

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Stay current and compliant with local electrical requirements with the County of Los Angeles Electrical Amendments, 2020 edition and the 2019 California Electrical Code.

As an electrical professional, it's crucial to have the most recent and relevant information on conducting safe and effective electrical installations. The 2020 edition of the County of Los Angeles Electrical Amendments offers general provisions applying to all electrical work in the unincorporated portion of the county and in all incorporated cities that contract for Los Angeles County inspection.

The amendments specific to Los Angeles County include:

  • Article 80: General Provisions

  • Article 81: Duties of Chief Electrical Inspector

  • Article 82: Permits and Inspection

  • Article 83: Requirements for Installation — Methods and Materials

  • Article 84: Violations and Penalties

  • Article 85: Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations


This essential code for Los Angeles area electricians comes in loose-leaf pages. Instructions show which pages of the California code to replace to create the Los Angeles code. The Los Angeles amendments are also sold separately for those who already own a copy of the latest California code.

Be prepared for installations in your area by ordering your copy of the complete County of Los Angeles Electrical Code, 2020 edition, or just the Los Angeles amendments supplement.

Developed in coordination with the County of Los Angeles Building and Safety Division and Department of Public Works, this complete set bundles the California Electrical Code, 2019 edition, the supplemental material specific to Los Angeles County, plus the errata issued for the California code.

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