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Applied Grounding & Bonding - 2017
  • Author(s): By the electrical training ALLIANCE

Applied Grounding & Bonding is uniquely designed to follow the installation of a grounding and bonding system the way a contractor and electrical worker install it. Topics covered include service, feeder, and branch circuit grounding and bonding, as well as more specialized topics such as grounding and bonding in health care facilities, hazardous locations, and lightning protection.

• Circuit Basics and Overcurrent Protection
• Using the National Electrical Code®
• Grounding Electrodes and the Grounding Electrode System
• Requirements for Grounded Conductors at Services
• Grounding Electrode Conductors
• Bonding Requirements
• Equipment Grounding Conductors
• Grounding Electrical Equipment
• Isolated/Insulated Grounding Circuits and Receptacles
• Grounding at Separate Buildings or Structures
• Grounding Electrical Systems
• Grounding and Bonding for Separately Derived Systems
• Special Occupancies and Conditions
• Grounding for Special Equipment
• Grounding and Bonding for Communications Systems and Equipment
• Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters and Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment
• Grounding Rules for Medium- and High-Voltage Systems

  • Consists of: 498 pages, 548 illustrations, hardcover/2017/9781935941248

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