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  1. 10 Electrical Safety Issues at the Construction Site and How to Fix Them

    10 Electrical Safety Issues at the Construction Site and How to Fix Them

    The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a regionally adopted standard for the installation of electrical wiring and electrical equipment. The current national electrical code 2020 edition comprises all the latest requirements for ensuring electrical safety and inspection in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

    On the other hand, a much similar code called the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) is followed for electrical power systems such as overhead lines, power substations, and underground lines. These codes have been designed to reduce the accidents and issues faced regarding electricity. If a company strictly abides by these codes, electricity can then be used much safely.


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  2. Wondering what to do with construction paper? Here are 12 tips for great use

    construction paper

    Everything was not as easy and simple as we have it today. It was quite tough and challenging. From the very start man used rocks, leaves and barks of trees, clothes and many other things. There was not any concept of writing on paper in fact paper was not created at that time.

    With the passing of time as the people get educated. They felt the need of something on which they could write and save for later. The people of China in the 8th century created simple white paper but with the revolution in history, everything was becoming advanced. So this simple paper made from the pulp of trees with the addition of other things turned into a coloured paper which is typically called construction paper. I think in our modern world, construction papers don't need such an introduction but for convenience to understand more about

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