Why Mind Games Are Best For Engineering Students To Practice? A Complete Guide

If you are an engineering student, you must have been advised by your professors or your peers that the finest way to practice and learn engineering is by playing mind games as they make your mind efficient and strong. According to some research reports and our observations, we completely agree with this fact. We know that engineering is not everyone’s cup of tea, so If you are an engineering student and you are finding it hard to focus on your course and subjects, then you don’t have to worry anymore because we have got you covered. Today, we are going to learn about mind games that will sharpen your mind and improve your memory.

What are mind games?

Mind games are games or activities that are thought to develop your mental capabilities and skills. These games help you in concentrating and improving your mental flexibility. Cognitive skills are very important for a healthy mind and it is to be said that mind games can enhance your cognitive thinking skills.

Why mind games seem to be highly significant for engineering students?

Mind games are considered to be a mental workout of your brain. Mind games sharpen our thinking, acting, and decision-making skills. According to a research study by International Psychogeriatrics in 2016, brain games sharpen the mental abilities that tend to wane with age. Many skills such as planning and processing skills of our mind start dwindling after a certain age, but if you play mind games it can have a strong impact on your memory skills.

It is also said that mind games can help students develop more self-esteem and self-confidence. It affects the personality of a student positively. Mind games also develop healthy brain habits. Also, the better your brain works the more you are successful in your life. Mind games improve your visualization skills and enhance your ability to divide attention and focus your attention between different brain tasks.

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Mind Games for Engineering Student to Sharpen their Mind Skills

Now, let’s get back to the topic and find out what are those mind games can help you as an engineering student.

1. Chess

2. Minecraft

3. SpaceChem

4. Monopoly

5. Construction Stimulator


Chess is one of the most difficult and competitive board games which can be played between two players. It is also one of the oldest board games. The two contrasting colors in this game is white and black. According to observations, people who know how to play chess certainly have highly developed mind skills. They have improved their thinking and acting skills. Chess helps your brain in solving various problems and resolving different issues. It has been noticed that chess makes a person mentally stronger. It also elevates the level of creativity in you and that is what an engineering student requires the most.

Chess enables its players to think of the outcomes and consequences in every move they make on the playing board and as well as their life. We would highly recommend you to learn chess to get

better at your subject. To starts learning, you can take the help of a chess coach by visiting the website

2. Minecraft

At a very beginner level, we consider Minecraft to be a perfect mind game. Minecraft is about players creating, exploring, and building different blocks in a three-dimensional world. According to a report, it has been found out that over 40 million estimated people in this world play Minecraft. People are also commenting that maybe Minecraft can become the next engineering school after some years. The game is designed simply but with some significant engineering tools. The players play the game in a healthy environment by hammering, destroying, building and tunneling. It also has different modes, but we think that its Creative mode is one of the favorite audience modes.

Minecraft can help you learn various productive and creative engineering skills without spending anything. All you have to do is install this game on your phone or computer. The world has accepted the significance this game has bought in the stimulation of young minds. If you are learning to engineer, this game is one of your best options to develop more interest in your subject and curriculum of engineering. 

3. SpaceChem

Puzzles have always been considered great as a mind sharpener. SpaceChem is one of the most intriguing and complex puzzle-based games. It is considered to be a programming game. We would say that playing this game is not everyone’s cup of tea but as you start playing and learning its strategies you become a pro at it. It is not wrong to say that you have to be extra clever to master this game. This game helps you in making your mind stronger to find out solutions for your problems. It challenges its users to be the best, but on the other hand, it is fun and engaging. This game is highly recommended by the gaming experts, according to them this game plays with the intelligence of a person.

In this game, you take the role of a Reactor Engineer for the SpaceChem, and as the name suggests this game is highly suitable for Chemical Engineers. Chemical engineers can play this game and set up complex factories and synthesize various chemicals by themselves while playing. This game also has different levels and each level is puzzle-based.

4. Monopoly

At some point in our life, we all have had an addiction to this game. Do you know that from a very young age, monopoly is a game that is played in every house on weekends? In this game, there can be more than five or seven players. This game revolves around the main subject of money and property. And that is why it is also known as the dealing property trade game. Monopoly is a kind of game that tends to force you to think about how you are going to be financially solid and what should you not do while running a property business.

Now, you must be thinking that how this is a game related to engineering, so the thing is that monopoly is about making strategies in your mind, it is about your processing and decision-making skills. These both skills are very important to help your brain in developing. So if you plan to pursue a career in engineering in the future, then you can make your mind stronger by playing this game.

5. Construction Stimulator

Construction Stimulator was released back in 2014 and since that it has upgraded many different versions that people are loving. This game is about building different construction companies, the graphics in this game are one of the best parts of it. The players in this game take on different orders and use different machinery to perform their tasks. This game can be played with different people or your friends to complete missions.

Another version of this game is set in an open world, where the owner has to make use of different machinery to built roads and buildings. This game revolves around the idea of construction. Each mission in this game varies from the previous one, and in every mission there’s a new challenge and unique spectrum offered. As a civil or construction engineer, this game will benefit you in many ways. It can help you by providing you a fresh perspective, this game does not only polishes your creative skills but also strengthens your brain.

These are some of the basic mind games that we would suggest you start playing. We guarantee you that you will become more interested in engineering once you start playing these games. Also, let us know about some other fun mind games that you like to play to sharpen your brain.