Stallcup’s Electrical Sign and Outline Lighting Book 2017

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Stallcup’s  Electrical  Sign  and  Outline  Lighting  Book  2017

by James Stallcup, Sr.  &   James Stallcup, Jr.

Stallcup’s ElectricalSign and Outline Lighting Book is the only electrical book to date that hasbeen written for the electrical sign industry. For this reason, every efforthas been made to include all of the necessary topics that are of interest tothose individuals who work in the sign industry as well as UL Tips, DesignTips, Engineering Tips, Calculations, and Installation and Inspectionforms. 

Each chapter containsexplanatory problems which are used to explain the procedures for calculatingspecific values necessary to size the electrical components needed to completethe circuitry for the electric sign or outline lighting system. Also includedare exercise problems with forms that can be utilized to solve problems relatedto the explanatory problem. 

While this book isintended for all who are interested and work in a daily capacity with thesesubjects, it is also designed to help the student in his or her search forlearning. For this reason, the book is profusely illustrated to help visualizefor the reader the points brought out in the text while joining theory, design,engineering, installation, inspection and other practices into a closerrelationship.


Number of Pages: 320/2018/ISBN No. 9781622701957/162270195X

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