DEWALT Electrical Professional Reference 2nd Ed. - 2011 Edition

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When you're in the field, you need fast, easy-to-access information. You also need thorough coverage of the very latest, most essential content. The DEWALT Electrical Professional Reference 2011 Code gives you the best of both worlds in a handy pocket-sized package! The book delves into areas critical for success in an electrical professional's career, from motors, transformers, and grounding, to voltage drops, fastener charts, and tools. Whether you're seeking an informative book to bring you up to date with the latest code requirements or you're looking for a convenient reference guide that can accompany you wherever you go this tool is packed with valuable diagrams, practical examples, and everything you will need for success in the field.


  • Withstands the roughest jobsites with a durable, heavy duty plastic cover that will weather the elements to provide current reference material anytime, anywhere.

    Clarifies key concepts with detailed tables, figures, and formulas that will enhance your understanding of how to comply with the code.

    Offers a wide range of topic coverage to make this a one-stop reference book that contains everything you need.

    Updated to the National Electrical Code, 2011 Edition.

Publisher/Edition: Cengage/2011/ISBN No.1111545146/9781111545147

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