2020 Stallcup's® Illustrated Code Changes

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Stallcup's® Illustrated Code Changes based on National Electrical Code (NEC) 2020

by James Stallcup, Sr.   &   James Stallcup, Jr.


The 2020 Edition of the National Electrical Code® contains a range of complex revisions that electrical personnel and students must be made aware of. Stallcup's® Illustrated Code Changes simplifies this process using clear, concise explanations and detailed full-color illustrations to explain hundreds of revisions.

Following the organization of the 2020 National Electrical Code, Stallcup reviews each change in numerical order to correlate with the "Articles" and "Sections" as they appear in the Code in an effort to maximize student comprehension and make navigating the National Electrical Code quick and easy. Known as the most thorough Code change book available, Stallcup's® offers expert descriptions on key topics such as wiring and protection, wiring methods and materials, equipment for general use, and much more.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction and General
Chapter 2: Wiring and Protection
Chapter 3: Wiring Methods
Chapter 4: Equipment for General Use
Chapter 5: Special Occupancies
Chapter 6: Special Equipment
Chapter 7: Special Conditions
Chapter 8: Communication Systems
Chapter 9: Questions
Annex A: Abbreviations
Annex B: Reference Standards
Annex C: Answer Key

Publisher: Grayboy, Inc./Builder's Book, Inc./2020/Number of Pages: 304/ISBN No. 9781622702596

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