A Field Guide to Contemporary American Architecture by Carole Rifkind

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by E P Dutton .

Table of Contents Acknowledgments; Introduction; 1 HOUSES; ABSTRACT; Technological; Regional; EXPRESSIONIST; Organic; Manipulated Space; Deconstructivist; TRADITIONAL; Postmodernist; New Vernacular; 2 HOUSING; PROJECTS 1940s-1960s; CIVICS 1960s-1970s; INCREMENTS 1980s-1990s; 3 PUBLIC BUILDINGS; ROOSEVELT-TRUMAN-EISENHOWER YEARS; Stripped Classic; Modernist; KENNEDY-JOHNSON-NIXON-FORD YEARS; Modernist Classic; Abstract Monumentality; CARTER-REAGAN-BUSH-CLINTON YEARS; Antimonumental; Postmodernist Classic; Historic Preservation; 4 ART MUSEUMS; LOFT; PATH; PALACE; 5 RELIGIOUS BUILDINGS; AXIAL PLAN; Traditionalist; Abstract Modernist; Expressionist; CENTRALIZED PLAN; Abstract Modernist; Expressionist; Regional/Postmodernist; 6 EDUCATIONAL BUILDINGS; ORDER 1940-1960; INNOVATION 1960-1975; ACCOMMODATION 1975-1990s; 7 TALL OFFICE BUILDINGS; CURTAIN WALL; ARTICULATED FRAME; STRUCTURAL AESTHETICS; SLICK SKIN; SIGNATURE STYLE; 8 SHOPPING CENTERS; SUBURBS; Strip; Campus; Mall; Mutable Mall; TOWNS AND CITIES; Festival Marketplace; Modified Mall; BETWEEN PLACES; Postscript: My Top Ten; Recommended Reading; Index

Published/Edition: (October 1998) . ISBN/0525940081

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