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  1. Construction Management-At-Risk | Detail Guide

    Construction Management-At-Risk

    Construction Management-At-Risk, or CMAR, is one of several project delivery methods. Its competition is Hard-Bids (Design-Bid-Build), Construction Management Agency, and Design-Build. In this document, we will be looking at CMAR’s attributes and how CMAR compares to other delivery methods.

    What is CMAR?

    CMAR can be identified by four main features.

    1. The Owner hires a Construction Manager, or CM, during the design and development phase that goes on to work in construction and post-construction phases as well.
    2. The CM works as a consultant during this design and development phase working collaboratively with the design team.
    3. The CM works as a general contractor during the construction phase. The CM enters into subcontracts with each trade that works on the construction and is liable to the losses in those contracts. These subcontracts are contract a
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  2. 15 Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

    Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

    The construction industry worldwide has been growing very quickly. Due to this, civil engineers and construction managers face enormous demands. To succeed as a civil engineer, you need an understanding of some engineering interview questions. Below is a list of professional engineer interview questions and answers. 

    Being a proficient engineer is not enough to assure you of a coveted position. Sharpening necessary skills before an interview will help you get a position to achieve a specific goal. Civil engineers need to go understand related fields, such as contracting. Documents related to construction, such as AIA contract documents, also help the learning process. 

    The following 15 questions are likely to be asked by an interviewer. The

    1.     What is th

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