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  1. 15 Essentials Of Electrical Safety For Any Place- Dos And Dont's

    Essentials Of Electrical Safety For Any Place

    Every workplace has its safety essentials. The risks involving electricity are probably more than you think. It is a very dangerous component to work with, and you must take very serious safety measures. Over 1000 people die every year due to electric shocks. High voltage current can kill in only 2 seconds. Because of this, safety essentials are very important for electrical components. Books like the National Electrical Code 2020 can detail required safety measures.


    First, study electric safety handbooks written by professional or knowledgeable writers.  These people have the necessary experience with electric components. They will help you get a good foundation to start with. Handbooks like National Electrical Safety Code and NFPA 70E Standard

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  2. A Complete Guide to Construction Detailing for New Architects

    A Complete Guide to Construction Detailing for New Architects

    Construction details increase the style and beauty of a building. Such details are impractical unless they meet the basic functional requirements of the building. They must protect from the elements, provide durable interior design, and ensure effectiveness. Although details are essential to avoid problems, implementation has become more complicated. The proliferation of new materials and construction techniques increases design complexity. Architectural schools rarely provides students with a detailed and complete basic framework.  With this guide, we aim to provide a convenient source of detailed and specific information. Architects, interior designers, contractors, students, and others new to the construction industry will find information on hundreds of common components and materials. This information includes construction contracts, construction

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