construction paper

Everything was not as easy and simple as we have it today. It was quite tough and challenging. From the very start man used rocks, leaves and barks of trees, clothes and many other things. There was not any concept of writing on paper in fact paper was not created at that time.

With the passing of time as the people get educated. They felt the need of something on which they could write and save for later. The people of China in the 8th century created simple white paper but with the revolution in history, everything was becoming advanced. So this simple paper made from the pulp of trees with the addition of other things turned into a coloured paper which is typically called construction paper. I think in our modern world, construction papers don't need such an introduction but for convenience to understand more about it. Have a short glance at the construction paper.

Firstly, what is construction paper?

Construction paper is a type of coloured paper made from the pulp of wood and dyes.Hot water is also a constituent of construction paper. Dyes give the desired color to your construction paper. It is of the width of simple paper but it is not as smooth as the simple paper. Construction paper has a rough surface due to the presence of wood pulp. Well, some construction papers are too smooth and rigid. They are of different sizes. Some are short, some are long. Some are wide, some are thin. It means there are a variety of construction papers that we can have.

Top three counties that are really famous for the production of construction paper are China, Japan and the United States. We can say that the construction paper revolves in the whole map of the world due to these three countries.

 What to do with construction paper?

If you have any type of construction paper and you are confused about what to do with it, don't panic. There are a thousand ways you can use it. In the 21st century, construction paper has a wide range of uses. Well if you have a creative type of personality and you have nothing much to do. So you can have fun with construction paper. Many other inventions like hard paper, cardboard, glitter sheets and scrapbook papers have replaced construction paper but if you highlight it's uses. You will also be a friend of construction papers.As it is so easy to handle that's why you can't replace it with any other paper if you start using it once. Here are some tips for you on how to use construction paper?

Origami Cube

Origami Cube is such a viewable creation. It is so easy to make and if you put two or three origami cubes together with an effective setting in your drawing room. It will enhance the pulchritude of your drawing room up to four folds. No doubt sometimes a little thing can gain the attention of a whole crowd in just one look. Origami cube is one of those little adorable things.

Paper Bow

Many adults as well as kids made bows from construction papers. It requires just two or three steps and your paper Bow is ready. You can stick it over a gift wrapping sheet to add more grace to your present. Kids can also use these paper bows for decorating their dolls and toys.


Few years earlier it was a trend of making beautiful simple and unique cards from construction papers. Little kids were amazed doing this activity. Different creative designs and patterns of kids as well as of adults made the simple cards more prettyish. Now-a-days other kinds of papers are being used instead of construction papers for making cards.

Creative items

By twisting colorful construction papers many creative items could be formed. Like a small pretty tricycle, a swing, a doll house and many other chic creations which can delight the viewers. It is quite easy to make these items just a little attention and struggle is required.

School projects

It plays an important role in the school projects of kids. Because it is so helpful that you can easily cut it, paste it or tear it with the help of a scale. You don't even need to have scissors in case of tearing construction paper. It is such fun to deal with construction paper.

Board decoration

Soft Boards of schools are decorated with the help of chains and rings made from construction papers which enhance its beauty and make it more elegant. It was an amazing activity in which the students love to contribute and have fun, but unfortunately, these types of activities are lacking from the schools.


Construction paper plays a vital role in the formation of little gorgeous, fantastic and fabulous heart stealing flowers. You can apply these pretty flowers on your simple cards to look attractive, the outer side of your homework copies, to cover the damaged area of walls. In all situations, these adorable flowers will add super cuteness to your things.

Sticky notes

If your sticky notes are finished and immediately have to stick an information to your notes so in that situation you can take help from the construction papers. Cut the piece of construction paper according to your requirement, apply some glue on the top back of it. Here you go! Now you can easily apply that paper on your notes as a sticky note.

Enchanting creations

With the help of construction paper you can form little creative things like butterflies, colorful boats, airplanes, swings and little boxes. You can use these super cool little boxes as jewelry boxes. In which you can put your earring, rings or pendants etc. This can prevent your jewelry from missing. I also have made a small colorful box in which I used to put my jewelry. From the day I have been using it. I haven't lost any jewelry. It is just too amazing.

Pencil cover

Pencil cover seems to be a decent thing. If your pencil is simple, and it is not as charming as your friend has. So hold on! 

Don't feel yourself inferior you can also give your pencil an appreciable look. Take the size of your pencil from its end and make a small cover of it. Now make your favorite cartoon character on construction paper and then stick it on the cover which you have made. Your stunning pencil cover is ready to rock and score likes.

Gift wrapping

Oops you have brought a present for your friend, but you forgot to buy a gift wrapping sheet. So it's okay, don't be sad. Gift wrapping sheet is not the only solution; you can also take help from the construction paper. Wrap it around the present and stick a beautiful wishing card on it. Your gift is ready to take a flight ahead.

Photo frame

It would be a shocking fact for you that from construction paper you can also make a photo frame. If you are color-loving, you can use color papers but if you want it to be of one color so use one color. Cut the construction paper lengthwise and now start twisting it, at the end apply some glue, so it cannot untwist itself. Now after some diligence, a number of twisted construction papers would be in front of you. It's time to assemble them in the shape which you like. It can either be a circle, triangle or any other shape. Apply support at its back which will help it in standing. Now decorate it with some creative colorful flowers. Hurrah!  Your new photo frame is ready. You can also give it to your friends as a present.

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With the deep sense of sorrow, the use of construction papers is reducing day by day. The modern papers, scrapbooks, glitter sheets, foaming sheets and many other items are grandiosity acting like a dominion over this construction paper. Don't forget it was the first paper which we all have been using for crafts and for making school projects. So today if you have a variety of papers and sheets for doing crafts so don't neglect the use of construction paper. It is much cheaper than other papers. So try to use construction papers because don't forget OLD IS GOLD “.