Construction and Home Repair Techniques Simply Explained

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Construction and Home Repair Techniques Simply Explained by Navy Department (Editor) United States.

Easy-to-follow techniques for construction and home repairs make this comprehensive guide a must for those wishing to build their own homes or add extensions to an existing structure.

Prepared by the U.S. Navy for use in its own classes, this manual features hundreds of diagrams and other illustrations as well as detailed instructions for all the basics of construction: mixing and pouring concrete, selecting and laying bricks for masonry work; using and selecting woodworking tools; building framings for foundations, floors, walls, and roof; exterior and interior finishing; plastering; painting; and much more.

Introductory chapters explain how to prepare drawings and specifications and build scaffolding, and final chapters cover such topics as field structures, heavy construction, and work with prefabricated units. The two-volume government edition of this manual sells for about $75; this modestly priced edition will surely prove immensely popular.

Published/Edition: May 1999. ISBN/Book No.: 0486404811

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