Electrical Wiring Residential by Ray C. Mullin and Phil Simmons

Code: 0826917454
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Electrical Wiring Residential by Ray C. Mullin and Phil Simmons

Electrical Wiring Residential by Ray C. Mullin and Phil Simmons

Product Code: 0826917454
Product ISBN: 9781435498266
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Designed for use by journeyman and master electricians, inspectors, contractors, and others, this authoritative text is recognized in the industry for providing a comprehensive overview of the National Electrical Code. Concise text and descriptive illustrations cover the NEC and its application to wiring methods and materials, conductors and overcurrent protection devices, branch circuits and feeders, grounding, transformers, services, special locations, calculations, and more. Important changes to the 2008 National Electrical Code are covered throughout. Trade knowledge gained in the field is conveyed in concise text and full-color illustrations for quick understanding.

Contents include:

    The National Electrical Code

    Branch Circuits and Feeders



    Conductors and Overcurrent Protection


    Wiring Methods

    Wiring Materials - Raceways and Boxes

    Wiring Materials - Switches, Switchboards, and Panelboards

    Equipment for General Use

    Motors, Generators, A/C and Refrigeration, and Fire Pumps


    Special Locations

Topics and references related to the 2008 National Electrical Code are presented throughout and include the following:

    New changes in the 2008 National Electrical Code listed at the beginning of each chapter.

    Full-color illustrations that demonstrate and explain how to apply the National Electrical Code.

    Calculation forms that organize and simplify load determination for one-family and multifamily dwellings.

    Full-color photographs that depict products and applications commonly found in the field.

The comprehensive CD-ROM included in the book features:

    Quick Quizzes that provide an interactive review of topics covered in the chapters.

    An Illustrated Glossary that provides a helpful reference to key terms and links to selected illustrations and media clips.

    Media Clips that depict various topics covered in the book.

    Reference Material that provides Internet links to related industry and standards reference information.

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