Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House: Bringing Your Home into Harmony with Nature (Natural

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This lavishly photographed guide - the loving labor of two internationally renowned architects - will become a cornerstone work for years to come. By focusing on remodeling rather than building from scratch, it redefines the best way to go green and addresses a timely topic in a way designed to appeal to a growing and eager audience. Absolutely indispensable for anyone hoping to renovate the natural way. To have a home that's more in touch with the earth, you don't have to start from the ground up! It's possible - and more environmentally friendly - to go green by renovating an existing home. With the help of Carol Venolia, an award-winning architect and bestselling author, and Kelly Lerner, an award-winning architect and world-famous innovator in the field of sustainable development, even the least mechanically inclined person can make a difference in his or her dwelling - and to the planet. The two have produced a remarkable book - packed with information and photos, and the first ever in full color to cover the subject. Its lush and exquisite to look at, filled with motivational case studies and informative graphics, and completely user-friendly. Every page leads would-be remodelers through the process of understanding their home, its surroundings, and themselves so they'll arrive at the perfect design solution. The suggestions range from easy fixes - perhaps adding plants for extra shade or trimming back those that block the sun - to more advanced projects, such as building a solar water heating system. Whether readers want to tackle an extensive remodeling project or try a few simple tricks to begin, the answers are here. Carol Venolia specializes in the field of eco-healthy building. Her first book, Healing Environments, has enjoyed international success, and her home designs have been featured in The Natural House Catalog, Earth to Spirit, The Healthy House, and Environ magazine. Carol currently writes the "Design for Life" column for Natural Home & Garden magazine. Kelly Lerner is an innovative architect who spearheaded a project responsible for building more than 600 passive-solar-heated straw-bale houses in China. In recognition of this project, she received the 2005 World Habitat Award at the United Nations World Habitat Day Celebration. Her designs have been featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, Natural Home and Garden Magazine, Mother Earth News Magazine, The Straw Bale House, and Green by Design. In 2005, Natural Home and Garden Magazine named Ms. Lerner one of the top 10 eco-architects in the USA.

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