Certified Welding Inspector AWS/CWI QuickPass Study Guide based on AWS D1.1 2015

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QuickPass Certified Welding Inspector AWS/CWI Study Guide with CD-ROM


Suitable for Welding Certification and Welding Inspector Exams

Over 1700 Questions with explanations!

PLEASE NOTE:This CD-ROM is compatible with Windows only. Mac users must have a Windows emulator to use this program.

This publication deals with both Welding Certification and Welding Inspection Exams. The primary emphasis is the Structural Welding Code for Steel because welding inspection involves more than looking at welds, a welding inspector must have both a wide range of knowledge and skills and an understanding of the welder's work.

This is designed to provide both novice and experienced welders and inspectors with the information that will assist them in passing the necessary exams.

Code References:

  • AWS D1.1 - 2015
  • AWS D1.2 - 2014
  • AWS D1.3 - 2018
  • AWSD1.4 - 2011
  • AWS A2.4 - 2012
  • AWS A3.0 - 2010
  • API 1104 - 2013

Useful for exams given by the American Welding Society or other agencies that cover:

  • Examination
  • General Knowledge
  • Inspection
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Performance
  • Process
  • Responsibilities
  • Safety
  • Symbols
  • Technology

Publisher: Builder's Book, Inc./2018/ISBN No. 9781622702077/1622702077

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