Significant Changes To The ICC A117.1 Accessibility Standard, 2017 Edition

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Significant Changes To The ICC A117.1 Accessibility Standard, 2017 Edition

Authored by Jay Woodward

 When it comes to understanding the 2017 edition of the ICC A117.1 standard, there is no better tool than Significant Changes to the A117.1 Standard. This one-of-a-kind four-color resource identifies significant changes from the 2009 edition to the 2017 edition of the standard and provides the reason and rationale behind those changes. Essential for an easy transition between editions, the book's value lies in its focus, which is aimed at the most critical provisions, the most frequently used provisions, and provisions that have had a significant change in application, so that users can readily identify the need-to-know information. Each change is accompanied by a photograph, a real-world example, or an illustration, and is followed by a summary and analysis. Further enhancing this key content is the clear and deliberate labeling of each change as an addition, modification, clarification, or deletion. The end result is an indispensable resource that will familiarize building officials, plans examiners, inspectors, design professionals, and anyone in the building construction industry with the many important accessibility-related changes that have materialized in the A117.1 standard.ISBN #: 9781609837099

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