The Engineering of Foundations by Rodrigo Salgado SLIGHTLY DAMAGED

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The Engineering of Foundationsincorporates theory into real world practice.

The text emphasizes conceptual understanding and avoids an over simplistic treatment of the subject. Estimation of soil parameters for use in design is given high priority. Users will find an up-to-date text that relates theory to real world practices and integrates concepts and continuity of examples across chapters. Illustrations, applications and hands-on examples are provided. The text not only explains the "how", but also the "why". Table of contents

  • 1 The World Of Foundation Engineering
  • 2 Foundation Design
  • 3 Soils, Rocks, and Groundwater
  • 4 Stress Analysis, Strain Analysis, and Shearing of Soils
  • 5 Shear Strength and Stiffness of Sands
  • 6 Consolidation, Shear Strength, and Stiffness of Clays
  • 7 Site Exploration
  • 8 Shallow Foundations in Soils: Types of Shallow Foundations and Construction Techniques
  • 9 Shallow Foundation Settlement
  • 10 Shallow Foundations: Limit Bearing Capacity
  • 11 Shallow Foundation Design
  • 12 Types of Piles and Their Installation
  • 13 Analysis and Design of Single Piles
  • 14 Pile Driving Analysis and Quality Control of Piling Operations
  • 15 Pile Groups and Piled Rafts
  • 16 Retaining Structures
  • 17 Soil Slopes
  • Appendix A. Unit Conversions
  • Appendix B. Useful Relationships and Typical Values of Various Quantities
  • Appendix C. Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity in the Laboratory Using the Falling-Head Parameter
  • Appendix D. Determination of Preconsolidation Pressure, Compression and Recompression Indices, and Coefficient of Consolidation from Consolidation Test Data
  • Appendix E. Stress Rotation Analysis

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