2017 Stallcup's Generator, Transformer, Motor & Compressor

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Stallcup's Generator, Transformer, Motor & Compressor based on National Electrical Code (NEC) 2017 

This book is intended for all who are interested and work in a daily capacity with these subjects. It is also designed to help the student in his search for learning. For this reason, the book is profusely illustrated to help visualize for the reader the points referenced in the text while joining theory and practice into a closer relationship.For user friendly and easy study, Stallcup’s Generator, Transformer, Motor, and
Compressor has been divided into three parts and they are as follows:
Part I: Generators
Part II: Transformers
Part III: Motors
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Chapter 2 Generator Principles

Chapter 3 Generators and theNational Electrical Code®

Chapter 4 Emergency System Generators

Chapter 5 Legally Required and Optional Standby Systems

Chapter 6 Generators Supplying Essential Loads for Hospitals

Chapter 7 Transformer Theory

Chapter 8 Installing Transformers

Chapter 9 Transformer Vaults

Chapter 10 Sizing Transformers and Connections
Chapter 11 Protecting Transformers

Chapter 12 Secondary Ties
Chapter 13 Windings and Components

Chapter 14 Motor Theory

Chapter 15 Types of Motors

Chapter 16 Design Letters and Code Letters

Chapter 17 Starting Methods

Chapter 18 Overcurrent Protection for Individual Motors

Chapter 19 Overload Protection for Individual Motors

Chapter 20 Motor Feeder and Branch-Circuit Conductors

Chapter 21 Control Circuit Conductors and Components

Chapter 22 Connecting Controls for Operation

Chapter 23 Troubleshooting Motor Windings and Components

Chapter 24 Compressor Motors

Troubleshooting Tables


Glossary of Terms
Review questions have been provided at the end of each chapter.

Publisher: Grayboy, Inc./Builder's Book, Inc./2017/Number of Pages: 390/ISBN No. 9781622701537/1622701534

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