The Benchmark Report

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Benchmark (definition)
A standard or point of reference in measuring or judging quality.

Benchmark Report Kits

Order complete Benchmark Report Kits for a completely professional presentation. Each Kit includes a Benchmark binder, tabs and forms.

Or you can order Benchmark Form Packs (without the binder and tabs), and develop your own presentation to the customer.

Review all you get with the Benchmark Report System
Page 1
Inspection Agreement, pg. 1
Page 2
Inspection Agreement, pg. 2
Page 3
Legend / List of Pages
Page 4
Fences & Gates / Landscaping (minimal) / Retaining Walls / Driveway / Sidewalks & Patios / Decks & Patio Covers / Porches & Entries
Page 5
Exterior / Attic
Decks & Balconies / Steps & Landings / Exterior Walls & Trim / Attic
Page 6
Shingles & Shakes / Tile & Metal / Built-Up Roofing / Flashing / Gutters & Downspouts
Page 7
Slab Foundation / Raised Foundation / Grading & Drainage
Page 8
Parking Structure
Interior / Floor / Firewall / Fire Door / Garage Door / Automatic Opener / Exterior Door
Page 9
Plumbing I
Main Line / Water Lines / Waste Lines / Sprinklers
Page 10
Plumbing II
Water Heaters & Laundry
Page 11
Heating I
General Condition / Burners / Venting / Combustion Air / Controls
Page 12
Heating II & Cooling
Distribution System / Filters / AC & Cooling
Page 13
Electrical I
Service / Panels / Panel Comments / Wiring
Page 14
Electrical II & Fuel System
Lights & Outlets / Fuel System
Page 15
Wood-Burning Systems
Fireplaces & Wood Stoves / Chimneys
Page 16
Doors and Windows
Interior Doors / Exterior Doors / Windows / Multipanel Window Seals
Page 17
Ceilings / Walls / Flooring / Interior Stairs / Smoke Detectors
Page 18
Counter & Cabinets / Range & Cooktop / Dishwasher / Garbage Disposal / Plumbing / Misc. Appliances
Page 19
Toilets / Sinks / Bathtubs / Showers
Page 20
General (Bathrooms, continued)
Bathroom Ventilation / Bathroom Heat / Miscellaneous
Pool / Spa I
Pool/Spa Body / Deck & Coping / Fencing / Blowers / Skimmer / Electrical
Pool / Spa II
Pumps & Lines / Valve / Filter / Heater / Solar System / Miscellaneous
Private Well Survey
Well Type & General Notes / Well Location / Well Pits / Water Supply Equipment / Pump / Pressure Tank / Tests
Septic System (Private Sewage Disposal System)
General Information / Treatment Tank / Absorption System / Pumping Equipment / System Operation
Permit Research
General Information / Permit Records Search / Client Follow-Up
Report Overview
Highlights/Points to most significant information within the Inspection Report.
Cost Estimates Pre-Closing Walk-Through Checklist

Quite simply, the Benchmark Report system is the most complete and comprehensive property inspection, building inspection, home inspection and real estate inspection, checklist-style report form for residential properties, available from any source...

  • 4-Part NCR forms mean you can deliver the final report "on-site", and provide copies for your files, for lenders, etc.
  • Documents all the positive features of a residential property, in addition to any necessary repairs.
  • Disclosures are explained in a concise, non-alarming manner.
  • Organized, professional format that both buyers and realtors will appreciate.
  • Tabs (included with the Complete Kit) feature clear illustrations and explanations/limitatons for that section's topic.
  • Automatically categorizes real estate defects by type and severity.
  • Exceeds all inspector's association standards (including ASHI standards), and thoroughly explains inspection form reporting limitations.
  • State-of-the-art contract complete with appropriate disclaimers throughout the form.
  • So well organized, it can be used as a teaching aid for new property inspectors, building inspectors, home inspectors and other real estate professionals.
  • Plenty of space is provided for inspector commentary throughout the Benchmark Report.
  • Saves you time and money by allowing you to use just one inspection form for many inspection applications.
  • Provides automatic referrals to specialty contractors and inspectors.
  • Allows collection of payment at time of inspection.
  • Results in a lower overhead cost per inspection.
  • The more you use the Benchmark Report, the more quickly, more accurately and more thoroughly you will complete inspection projects.

The Benchmark System is easy to use and affordable...

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