Benchmark Home Inspection Form Pack FORM 221 - 20-Form Pack 8.5 In.x 11 In.

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221, 1889892181

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20 forms/checklists covering every phase of inspection. Letter Size (8.5" x 11")

Newly revised and updated for Maximum Disclosure. In use by over 1,000 companies nationwide, The Benchmark Report ™ is fast becoming the industry standard for home inspection, building inspection, real estate inspection and other property inspection. 20 forms/checklists covering every phase of inspection.

Once familiar with this incredibly efficient information gathering and reporting system, you will find that The Benchmark Report ™ is the only form you will ever need to perform all property inspections, building inspections, home inspections and real estate inspections, both residential and commercial.

Definition: Benchmark A standard or point of reference in measuring or judging quality.

The most complete and comprehensive property inspection, building inspection, home inspection and real estate inspection checklist style report form available anywhere.

View an online copy of the Benchmark Report.

4-Part NCR "on-site" reporting system that can be utilized for both residential property inspection and commercial property inspection applications

Disclosures are explained in a concise, non-alarming manner

Organized, professional format that buyers and realtors alike will appreciate. Now you can use just one inspection form for all of your property inspection and real estate inspection needs

Automatically categorizes real estate defects by type and severity

Exceeds all inspector's association standards, and thoroughly explains inspection form reporting limitations

State of the art contract complete with appropriate disclaimers throughout the form

So comprehensive is this inspection report form that it can be used as a teaching aid for new property inspectors, building inspectors, home inspectors and other real estate professionals

Spaces for additional property inspector, building inspector, home inspector or other real estate inspector's commentary throughout the Benchmark Report

Saves your company time and money by allowing you to use just one inspection form for many inspection applications, effectively reducing employee training time

As familiarity is gained using the Benchmark Report, time to completion, thoroughness and accuracy of your property inspections, building inspections, home inspections and other real estate inspections improves proportionally .

Published: Benchmark Inspection Systems / Edition: 2000 ISBN/Book No.: 221/978-1-889892184/1889892181

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