QuickPass (CD-ROM)

Builder's Book is proud to offer the most effective and affordable way to prepare for your California State Contractor's License exams... QuickPass™ Study Tools. You can order QuickPass Study Tools one at a time, or in money-saving combination-packs. For example, combine the Law & Business Exam edition with the version for your desired Trade, or with the General (B) edition. And remember... because this is Builder's Book, you take 10% off every order, every day!

What is QuickPass?


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QuickPass Study Tools are Windows-compatible CD-ROM packages that help you prepare for your California State Contractor's License Examination. Every QuickPass product is a unique combination of software and up-to-date information... plus a Printed Companion. • The software was designed specifically to help you pass your exam. Based on years of observing what makes a candidate successful, the QuickPass developers created software that works the very same way. (To install and use QuickPass Study Tools, you'll need a computer with a CD-ROM drive, at least 40 MB of available hard disk space, running Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.) • The practice questions and answers built into every QuickPass product are modeled after current exams and kept up-to-date. When you buy a QuickPass package, you're getting the latest collection of questions possible. • In addition to the computer-based study tool, every QuickPass package includes a Printed Companion... a printed book with the same questions and answers... so you can study whenever it's convenient, whether you have your computer or not!

• BONUS: All QuickPass packages come with the Mathematics (96 questions) and the Blueprint Reading (197 questions) practice tests... at no extra charge!

• SPECIAL SAVINGS! The QuickPass Combo Pack brings you the QuickPass Law & Business Exam edition PLUS your choice of one of the QuickPass Trade editions, at a significant discount.

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