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The original "Piping Selector 150/300" has been used for over 18 years by engineers, designers, fabricators and students as an excellent industry data source. The wheel-chart provides speedy access to valve, flange and fitting dimensions.

Information displayed:

Side One

  • Welding Fittings 150# 90°
  • Elbow Long Radius 45°Elbow Long Radius Tee Reducer Cap Tee & 90°Elbow Tee & 45°Elbow Stub-End Swage 90°Elbow and 45°Elbow Combination Flanges & Fitting Make-up 90°Elbow & Slip on Flange Tee and WN Flange 45° and WN Flange 90° and WN Flange
  • Flange Thickness
  • Length of WN FlangeWidth of WN Flange ValvesGate ValveGlobe ValveCheck Valve ControlValve Reducing TeesEcc. Reducer Offset DimensionUseful Dimension Conversions

Side Two

  • Socket Weld Fittings 2000# & 3000#
  • Forged Steel 90°Elbow/Tee 45°Elbow Coupling Screwed Fittings 3000#Forged Steel 90°Elbow/Tee 45°Elbow Coupling Union Flanges & Fitting Make-up 300# 90°Elbow & Slip on Flange Tee and WN Flange 45° and WN Flange 90° and WN FlangeFlange Thickness Length of WNFlange Width of WNFlange Stud Bolt LengthStud Bolt DiameterNumber of BoltsValves 600#Gate ValveGlobe ValveCheck ValveControl ValveLbs./Ft Schedule 40 PipeGals/ft. Schedule 40 Pipe1/2 Pipe ODsWeldolets®Pipe Selector 150/300


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