California Construction Forms and Contracts Combo Pack, Ver. 5 (CD-ROM & 4th. Ed. Manual)

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California Construction Forms and Contracts Combo Pack, Ver. 5 (CD-ROM & 4th. Ed. Manual)

California Construction Forms and Contracts Combo Pack, Ver. 5 (CD-ROM & 4th. Ed. Manual)

Product Code: 1889892807
Product ISBN: 9781889892801
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The California Construction Form Combo pack. Ver. 5 (CD-ROM & 4th. Ed. Manual) Up-to-date with the current CA Law!


With the Combo Pack, you get an instruction manual on how to fill out the latest California Construction forms with completed examples, along with a CD-ROM containing those forms.

Print blank forms on your PC to fill out by hand, or fill out and print forms on your computer.

Based on the most recent changes to California Construction Law, the best construction attorneys in the state have updated our forms. The 2012 changes were significant, and they affected some of the most widely-used forms in our industry (mechanic's lien, preliminary notice, home improvement, waiver & releases). Further updates on some contracts were incorporated in July 2012. With Version 5 of our popular forms CD-ROM, you'll automatically comply!

The Version 5 CD-ROM brings you these agreements in both PDF and RTF (Rich Text File) formats... on one disc.

  • PDF forms require the FREE Adobe Reader (7.0 or higher) available online from You can now save your completed PDF forms, with the new versions of Adobe Reader and our new disc.
  • RTF forms require only an RTF-compatible word processing program. The forms work best on Microsoft Word (for the PC).
  • Works with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
For the Macintosh Computer, using the PDF version of the forms is recommended.The CD-ROM contains the following California Legal Construction Forms... essential documents to conducting your contracting business:
  • 201 - Bid proposal. Identifies the work to be done, the bid amount, the payment terms and client acceptance.
  • 202 - Prime/Direct Building Contract. Agreement between general contractor and owner.
  • 202-RR - Residential Construction Contract. The Residential Construction Contract is a contract between the contractor and owner for a new residential construction only.
  • 203 - Home Improvement Contract. This is an agreement between the contractor and the homeowner or tenant for repairing, remodeling and/or adding to a residential property. Includes the text of notice to cancellation and the text of notice to owner.
  • 203A - Notice of cancellation (7 days).
  • 203B - Home Improvement Checklist. Home improvement contractors must provide this notice to help homeowners evaluate contracts/contractors.
  • 203C - Home Improvement General Liability Insurance Information. Contractor's must provide this notice and disclose whether or not they carry commercial general liability insurance.
  • 203D - Single Family Home Improvement General Liability Insurance Information.
  • 203E - Asbestos, Lead, Mold, and Other Hazardous Materials Disclosure and Addendum.
  • 203H - Service & Repair Contract. (for work under $750)
  • 203S - Swimming Pool Construction Contact. Swimming pool construction agreement between contractor and homeowner. (The separate Swimming Pool Construction Contract Specifications form is required with this contract.)
  • 203SC - Swimming Pool Contract Specifications. Required by swimming pool construction contract.
  • 203SC1 - Swimming Pool Construction Checklist. Home improvement contractors building swimming pools must provide buyers with this notice.
  • 204 - Subcontractor Agreement. Prime building and subcontractor, or sub and sub. (Favors the subcontractor.)
  • 204C - Additional Description.
  • 205 - CA'S Mechanic's Lien. When this form is recorded, places a lien on buyer's property for nonpayment.
  • 206 - Contract Change Order. For the general or subcontractor.
  • 207 - Conditional Waiver & Release Upon Progress Payment.
  • 207A - Unconditional Waiver & Release Upon Progress Payment.
  • 208 - Conditional Waiver & Release Upon Final Payment.
  • 208A - Unconditional Waiver & Release Upon Final Payment.
  • 209A - CA Preliminary Notice (Private Works) without return postcard. File this form to protect your future right to a mechanic's lien in the event of nonpayment.
  • 209B - CA Preliminary Notice (Public Works).
  • 209C - Attachment "A" to the CA Preliminary Notice (for use with Public or Private versions).
  • 210 - CA Mechanic's Lien Release. Releases lien after claimant has been paid.
  • 211 - Stop Notice. Legal notice to withhold funds on private/public work.
  • 212 - Notice of Non responsibility. For work performed on leased or rented property. This notice protects the property owner from liens resulting from default.
  • 213 - Notice of Completion. Formally establishes that all work has been completed to the contractor's satisfaction.
  • 214 - Notice to Owner Regarding Mechanic's Lien Law (Warning). Informs the client of your right to place a lien on their property in event of nonpayment.
  • 215 - Extra work Order. Identify additional work needed to complete terms of original project.
  • 216 - Contractor's Job Invoice. Summary of job costs for final payment.
  • 217 - Notice of Right to Cancel. Informs the client of their right to cancel or rescind within 3 days and sets conditions.
  • 218 - Proposal & Contract. This bid proposal, once accepted by the client, becomes a binding contract without the need for a separate document.
  • 219 - Waiver of Right to Cancel. Waives buyer's right to cancel in 3 days. Required before emergency repairs.
  • 222 - Contractor's Estimate Detail. Identifies work, unit price, material cost and labor cost.
  • 223 - Daily Work Report. Summary of work activities and related details.
  • 225 - Notice of Cessation.
  • 226 - Builder's/Contractor's Warranty.
  • 227 - Release of Stop Notice or Notice of Withhold (Public).
  • 228 - Release of Stop Notice or Notice of Withhold (Private).
  • 229 - Builder's/Contractor's Declaration to Procure Payment.
  • 230 - Construction Subcontract. Favors the general contractor.
  • 231 - Landscape Estimate.
  • 232 - Labor Release.
  • 233 - Waiver of Lien.
  • 234 - Notice to Customer Regarding Residential Remodeling.
  • 235 - Safety Meeting Log Report.
  • 236 - Memorandum.
  • 237 - Request for Preliminary Notice information.
  • 238 - Confirmation of Oral Bid.
  • 239 - Confirmation of oral Bid, for Materials and Equipment Only.
  • 241 - Notice to Resume Performance.
  • 242 - Notice to Demand to Correct Work.
  • 243 - 48-Hours' Notice to Commence Performance.
  • 244 - Transmittal. Identifies transmittal parties, projects, project location, and purpose of transmittal. Also provides area for remarks.
  • 247 - Notice of Extension of Credit. Extends the time to foreclose on (perfect) a mechanic's lien.
To use California Construction Forms And Contracts on CD-ROM, you will need additional software. Depending on the software you have installed, you will have different capabilities. Both PDF and RTF formats are included on the disc.


  • FREE Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher: You will be able to view, complete and print the forms. You will also be able to save completed forms, and save a partially completed form (with your company information) as a template. The FREE Adobe Reader is available from You will not be able to insert your company logo or other graphics.
RTF (Rich Text File) FORMAT
  • Using an RTF-compatible word processor, you will be able to view, complete and print the forms. You will also be able to save completed forms (The forms work best on Microsoft Word (for the PC); on Windows 98, 95, NT, 2000, XP and Vista and Windows 7), and save a partially completed form (with your company information) as a template. You will also be able to insert your company logo and other graphics. Using the capabilities of your word processor, you will also be able to make further modifications to the forms, to fit your needs.
ISBN/Book 10:1889892807/ISBN 13: 9781889892801

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