Understanding & Using Today's Construction Contract Documents 4th Edition

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Understanding & Using Today's Construction Contract Documents, 4th Edition is a compilation of all the forms and contracts sold by Builder's Book, Inc.
It explains what each form/contract is used for and provides
 a filled-in sample of each form to guide you on how to fill them.

List of Forms in Book

  • 201          Bid proposal. Identifies the work to be done, the bid amount, the payment terms and client acceptance.
  • 202          Prime/Direct Building Contract. Agreement between general contractor and owner.
  • 202-RR    Residential Construction Contract. Contract between the contractor and owner for new residential construction only.
  • 203          Home Improvement Contract. Agreement between the contractor and the homeowner or tenant for repairing, remodeling and/or adding to a residential property. 
                    Includes the text of notice to cancellation and the text of notice to owner.
  • 203A        Notice of cancellation (7 days).
  • 203B        Home Improvement Checklist. Notice to help homeowners evaluate contracts/contractors.
  • 203C        Home Improvement General Liability Insurance Information. Notice that discloses whether or not a contractor carries commercial general liability insurance.
  • 203D        Single Family Home Improvement General Liability Insurance Information.
  • 203E        Asbestos, Lead, Mold, and Other Hazardous Materials Disclosure and Addendum.
  • 203H        Service & Repair Contract. (for work under $750)
  • 203S        Swimming Pool Construction Contact. Agreement between contractor and homeowner regarding swimming pool construction.
  • 203SC     Swimming Pool Contract Specifications. Required addition to the swimming pool construction contract.
  • 203SC1   Swimming Pool Construction Checklist. Home improvement contractors building swimming pools must provide buyers with this notice.
  • 204           Subcontractor Agreement. Prime building and subcontractor, or sub and sub. (Favors the subcontractor.)
  • 204C        Additional Description.
  • 205           CA'S Mechanic's Lien. When this form is recorded, places a lien on buyer's property for nonpayment.
  • 206           Contract Change Order. For the general or subcontractor.
  • 207           Conditional Waiver & Release Upon Progress Payment.
  • 207A         Unconditional Waiver & Release Upon Progress Payment.
  • 208           Conditional Waiver & Release Upon Final Payment.
  • 208A         Unconditional Waiver & Release Upon Final Payment.
  • 209A         CA Preliminary Notice (Private Works) without return postcard. File this form to protect your future right to a mechanics lien in the event of nonpayment.
  • 209B         CA Preliminary Notice (Public Works).
  • 209C         Attachment "A" to the CA Preliminary Notice (for use with Public or Private versions).
  • 210           CA Mechanics Lien Release. Releases lien after claimant has been paid.
  • 211           Stop Payment Notice. Legal notice to withhold funds on private/public work.
  • 212           Notice of Non responsibility. For work performed on leased or rented property. This notice protects the property owner from liens resulting from default.
  • 213           Notice of Completion. Formally establishes that all work has been completed to the contractor's satisfaction.
  • 214           Notice to Owner Regarding Mechanics Lien Law (Warning). Informs the client of your right to place a lien on their property in event of nonpayment. 
  • 215           Extra work Order. Identify additional work needed to complete terms of original project.
  • 216           Contractor's Job Invoice. Summary of job costs for final payment.
  • 217           Notice of Right to Cancel. Informs the client of their right to cancel or rescind within 3 days and sets conditions.
  • 218           Proposal & Contract. This bid proposal, once accepted by the client, becomes a binding contract without the need for a separate document.
  • 219           Waiver of Right to Cancel. Waives buyer's right to cancel in 3 days. Required before emergency repairs.
  • 222           Contractor's Estimate Detail. Identifies work, unit price, material cost and labor cost.
  • 223           Daily Work Report. Summary of work activities and related details.
  • 225           Notice of Cessation.
  • 226           Builder's/Contractor's Warranty.
  • 227           Release of Stop Notice or Notice of Withhold (Public).
  • 228           Release of Stop Notice or Notice of Withhold (Private).
  • 229           Builder's/Contractor's Declaration to Procure Payment.
  • 230           Construction Subcontract. Favors the general contractor.
  • 231           Landscape Estimate.
  • 232           Labor Release.
  • 233           Waiver of Lien.
  • 234           Notice to Customer Regarding Residential Remodeling.
  • 235           Safety Meeting Log Report.
  • 236           Memorandum.
  • 237           Request for Preliminary Notice information.
  • 238           Confirmation of Oral Bid.
  • 239           Confirmation of oral Bid, for Materials and Equipment Only.
  • 241           Notice to Resume Performance.
  • 242           Notice to Demand to Correct Work.
  • 243           48-Hours' Notice to Commence Performance.
  • 244           Transmittal. Identifies transmittal parties, projects, project location, and purpose of transmittal. Also provides area for remarks.
  • 245          Project Schedule
  • 246          Indemnity and Hold Harmless
  • 247          Notice of Extension of Credit. Extends the time to foreclose on (perfect) a mechanics lien.
  • JSC         Job Survey Construction
  • WTC        Weekly Time Card

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